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  5. "올해 호박은 풍부해요."

"올해 호박은 풍부해요."

Translation:This year pumpkins are plentiful.

October 22, 2017



Not a good sentence that can be heard in real life.

풍부하다 can be translated more as rich than as plentiful.

이 호박은 영양이 풍부해요. : This pumpkin is rich in nutrition.

If we have plentiful production of pumpkins, In real life, you would be heard these sentences:

올해는 호박이 풍년이예요.

올해는 호박이 많아요. / 올해는 호박이 많이 나와요.

올해는 호박이 흔해요.


"Pumpkins are plentiful this year" should be accepted.

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