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I finished my Portuguese tree!!!

Today I finished my 9th tree, Portuguese for English Speakers, I'm very proud of this achievement, because after a long time without Duolingo, I've returned with enthusiasm to keep learning here with this lovely community, thanks to the Duolingo Team for creating this amazing website, and thanks to the Duolingo Community for encouraging others to achieve their goals.


P.S. Maybe It won't look like I finished my tree, because something is wrong with my account, I have a 3 day streak, level 14 in Catalan, 9 in Turkish and 13 in Portuguese, but it shows like I only have level 13 in Catalan, 8 in Turkish and 10 in Portuguese. The proof is on my profile, there you'll find what are my actual levels.

P.S. 2: Check this other discussion please:


October 23, 2017



Another tree? It feels almost like yesterday that I saw your post on finishing the Irish Gaelic tree. Congrats! Which tree will be your tenth? :)


Thanks! I think that my Tenth Tree will be Klingon (if it's released soon), Swedish or Romanian.


And three days later, it turns out to be Romanian :)


Yep, that's right! I don't know why, but I always finish two trees in a lapse of 3 days, like Esperanto and German, Irish and Catalan, and Portuguese and Romanian.


Wow 9 trees, damn, that's great. In a realistic view of your language learning so far, how well do you feel you can speak and understand these languages?


Well, there are some languages that are easier than others from my point of view, I'm a native spanish speaker, so I feel that I can speak Catalan and Portuguese, better than German and Irish, because, Catalan and Portuguese are related to Spanish in vocabulary, pronunciation, gramatic, etc. While German and Irish were pretty hard, because there are many thing in those languages that Spanish does not have, so I feel that I can speak better languages that are related to my native language. I feel that I can speak Catalan, Spanish, English and Esperanto pretty well, while I'm still studying Portuguese, German, Irish, Swedish and Romanian.


Yeah it is funny how that works. I completed the portuguese tree for Spanish speakers a while ago, and I have gotten pretty good at it. The grammar being very similar to Spanish and just all the forms made it super easy. I just have always wished I would have had the opportunity to use it in a tangible way more.

What trees have you completed? It looks like you invest a lot of time in Duolingo. Y usas otros recursos para aprender?


I've completed 9 trees:

1.- English for Spanish
2.- Spanish for English
3.- Esperanto for English
4.- Esperanto for Spanish
5.- German for English
6.- High Valyrian for English
7.- Irish for English
8.- Catalan for Spanish
9.- Portuguese for English

Uso muchos otros recursos para reforzar mi conocimiento de ciertos idiomas, suelo escuchar música en el idioma que deseo aprender, leer libros simples, mayormente cuentos, hablar con hablantes nativos, lo cual no ha sido muy fácil, ya que aquí en Perú, específicamente en el distrito en el que me encuentro, Chorrillos, solo hay uno que otro turista americano, pero hay una gran cantidad de alemanes, ya que hay un colegio para niños alemanes a la vuelta de mi casa, en fin, también hablo con mi familia y amigos en el idioma que aprendo, ya que, aún así no me entiendan, puedo practicar mi pronunciación. Trató de buscar programas de televisión o de radio, películas, noticieros, series, etc. Y, mucha dedicación y empeño, ya que sin eso no se logra nada.


Damn, that is impressive and freaky in a way. I have 3, I think. Spanish from portuguese, portuguese from spanish, and Spanish from english, which I horrendously did in one day, but I am not going to talk about that.

Que bueno. Cuando estaba aprendiendo otras idiomas, yo leí muchos cuentos en la idioma que estaba aprendiendo. Por ejemplo, yo aprendí un montón por leer libros en español, que más o menos he seguida a hacer. Y pues, si, que bueno que estás invirtiendo mucho tiempo en algo que te gusta.

Para mi, el processo de aprender un otra idioma ahora tiene que ser un processo social. ¿Por qué? Pues, me gusta esta manera mejor y es más interesante para mi. Tiene sentido para mi que estudiar solo se puede ayudar a alguien para aprender, pero, pues, es menos divertido en mi opinión. Yo comencé de aprender español de verdad cuando estaba en Cuba con un nível muy básico en la idioma, y traté de hablar con la gente (con much dificultad). Pero fue algo interesante.

Yeah, and I got a lot of stories like that. You must have invested hours into getting portuguese that quickly, which is a lot ha.




It looks like your flags and streak have updated!


Terminou mesmo? Não está querendo me enganar, está? :) Só li o obrigado em português hahaha


Eu não sei de que tipo de engano você está falando.

[deactivated user]

    Congratulations! ^ ω ^


    Wow! Congrats Patrick.Phang! Good luck with your future trees!




    Parabéns amigo. Que bom que vc (você) realizou tudo isso. Eu fiz o mesmo faz alguns meses no passado.


    Obrigado! , se sente muito bem alcançar meu objetivo

    [deactivated user]

      well done ! congrats ! you will be better at speaking languages if you complete 10 trees. 10 is a pretty number. =)



      Do you have plans to start the "reverse tree" (to practice writing/translating into PT with a higher ratio), any laddering tree or what are your goals with the material you have learned in the EN-PT course?

      Have you already tried chatting on http://www.hellolingo.com?


      Congrats to you....:)

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