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I finished my Portuguese tree!!!

Today I finished my 9th tree, Portuguese for English Speakers, I'm very proud of this achievement, because after a long time without Duolingo, I've returned with enthusiasm to keep learning here with this lovely community, thanks to the Duolingo Team for creating this amazing website, and thanks to the Duolingo Community for encouraging others to achieve their goals.


P.S. Maybe It won't look like I finished my tree, because something is wrong with my account, I have a 3 day streak, level 14 in Catalan, 9 in Turkish and 13 in Portuguese, but it shows like I only have level 13 in Catalan, 8 in Turkish and 10 in Portuguese. The proof is on my profile, there you'll find what are my actual levels.

P.S. 2: Check this other discussion please:


October 23, 2017



Another tree? It feels almost like yesterday that I saw your post on finishing the Irish Gaelic tree. Congrats! Which tree will be your tenth? :)


Thanks! I think that my Tenth Tree will be Klingon (if it's released soon), Swedish or Romanian.


Wow 9 trees, damn, that's great. In a realistic view of your language learning so far, how well do you feel you can speak and understand these languages?


Well, there are some languages that are easier than others from my point of view, I'm a native spanish speaker, so I feel that I can speak Catalan and Portuguese, better than German and Irish, because, Catalan and Portuguese are related to Spanish in vocabulary, pronunciation, gramatic, etc. While German and Irish were pretty hard, because there are many thing in those languages that Spanish does not have, so I feel that I can speak better languages that are related to my native language. I feel that I can speak Catalan, Spanish, English and Esperanto pretty well, while I'm still studying Portuguese, German, Irish, Swedish and Romanian.


Wow! Congrats Patrick.Phang! Good luck with your future trees!



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