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"Înghețul mării apare rar iarna."

Translation:The freezing of the sea rarely appears in the winter.

October 23, 2017



'The frosting of the sea rarely appears in the winter.' is almost meaningless English. Maybe 'The sea rarely freezes in the winter.'


Would translation be: "Marea rar îngheață în timpul iernii"?


I agree with others that the English makes no sense, and as learners we don't know whether / can't trust that the Romanian makes sense. The only thing I can take away from this sentence is the word inghetul. After two years I would have thought Duolingo would have found time to correct clear errors like this.


Whatever the translation should be (from Romanian to English) this English is wrong, WRONG, WRONG. Suspect gplano is correct, but seriously would Duolingo like to review?

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