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The fluency percentage is overestimating my German.

It says I am 43% fluent, that would mean that I can have many basic conversations, I've been doing Duolingo for only a month. I feel that this has overestimated my skill.

October 23, 2017



The fluency meter is not accurate. Ignore it.


However, I think Duolingo's courses are excellent.
Just enjoy the courses and don't worry about Duolingo's fluency %.


I decided to check out my fluency level in German and I am very sure it is off. I have lived here for 25 years and am very fluent and yet I am only reaching 57% fluency on the site. In addition to that it puts my Italian fluency at 34% which too high in my opinion. (I find it extremely difficult to put a sentence together in Italian, whereas I am able to teach at high school level in German)

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Probably because you are only at level 13 in German. But as you can see from the replies, the fluency % is gibberish. Do you love liverwurst? Sorry it is lunch time and I am hungry.


I'm pretty sure I could already have a basic conversation, yet it says I'm only 28% fluent, it seems very inaccurate.


Since you're only on level 6, the system hasn't had enough opportunity to test you, to give you an accurate score

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34-bb, we all know the Fluency percent is a nonsense number. But 43% at level 7? I am only 58% at level 15. It is fun to look at that number and dream about when that will someday be true.


Despite everyone in forums disregarding the fluency scores, I've always found mine to be pretty accurate.

Around half the time I spend practising German is on Duolingo, and the other half is actually reading books, watching programs, listening to music and having conversations in German. This gives very quick real feedback on how fluent you are (when you do/don't understand something, it's very obvious).

My fluency score has gradually increased as I've learned German, and tends to reflect my own views of how much I'm understanding outside of Duolingo.

However this may be very different for people who learn exclusively with Duolingo, or who don't use Duolingo much but are actually very experienced in the language

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