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  5. Sorry for the same question!


Sorry for the same question!

Hi classmates!

I'm sure this question has been repeated ad nauseam, but as a beginner Japanese student, I must ask it.

At the first lesson I am requested to write using the "Japanese keyboard"

How I get the Japanese keybord?

Thanks in advance! Best regards!

October 23, 2017



This depends on what operating system you are using. However, all the major ones will have a built-in IME that will allow you to type in romanji and outputs the relevant kana/kanji. In Windows 7, for example, this is to be found in the 'Keyboards and Languages' tab of 'Region and Language' in the Control Panel.

There are also a third-party programmes such as the Google Japanese IME that might well be worth trying. I've not done so yet myself for Japanese as Microsoft's is usable, but Google's Chinese IME is better than the terrible Microsoft one by a country mile.


I think that's the best way. That means you don't have to buy a hardware keyboard from Amazon, because keys needed to type Japanese character are almost same as US or European keyboards. As me, Japanese people, I use US keyboard even when I type English, Spanish, and of course Japanese. There are two ways to type Japanese, Kana-input-mode and Romaji-input-mode, but latter one is the more widespread (most of Japanese people use Romaji-input-mode.) When you wanna type Katakana or Kanji, type its reading in romaji, then press space-bar. For example, if you wanna type 花(hana/flower), first type h-a-n-a, next press space-bar several times till you find the appropriate character (in this case "花", not "鼻" or "華" or something else).


Thank you friends!

I have installed the Microsoft IME Japanese and it works quite well.

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