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How long does Streak repair offer last?

I recently lost my streak (a big motivator for me) this weekend, and was offered $14 to "repair" it. In any other case, I would have easily did so, but pretty soon, I'll be away for a couple weeks and have literally zero access to the internet. I was wondering if anyone knew how long the streak offer will last for. I'd happily pay the fourteen dollars when available again, I just didn't want to spend $14 now, and another $14 when I get back.

October 23, 2017



2 or 3 days I think


Thank you both for your answers! I just went ahead and "repaired" it anyway in hopes I'll be able to access the internet somehow.


Pay real money? Not lingots? Hmmmm....so a way to fund the site. I understand


How did you get offered this? I just lost my streak, and nobody offered me anything.

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