"C'est actuellement un acteur."

Translation:He is currently an actor.

March 14, 2013

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I understand we have many cases for "il est..." and C'est..." that we have to feel out in order to know which construction to use, but here is "il est..." also acceptable?


It turns to "ce" rather than "il" if there is an article within the sentence and in this case, "un" was the clincher. For native English speakers, this seems very odd!


Note that you have an alternative with "il" (vs c'est): il est actuellement acteur (profession/adjective, no article)


Would 'he is, actually, an actor' be 'Il est (/ c'est), en fait, un acteur'?


I was marked wrong for, “He is presently an actor.” As it seems to me that “currently” and “presently” are interchangeable, I think it ought to be a correct alternate translation.

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