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Will the release date of April 2018 be the last release date?

I am tired of waiting two years for this course. Duolingo is the best language site, and I wanted hindi from it in 2015! Since jitengore was removed and there are 6 contributors, will it finally be released? I’m not waiting another year for this.

October 23, 2017



The course just dropped from 91% completion to 72%. Is there going to be another delay?


To be fair, after a LONG time of slow and/or no progress whatsoever, Hindi received a brand new team of contributors two months ago and they're starting at the beginning. Not only are they having to build the course itself, they have to learn how to use all the tools and everything to begin with. While Hindi has technically been in "development" for two years, it's really only been just a few months.

I'm disappointed too, but the new team is making progress we can actually see, and that's encouraging. There are other posts explaining all of this you can read through if you like.


Sad to see that the progress is slow but excited to see progress. At least if they take too long, I can get another year or so of Japanese and Mandarin studying under my belt before I begin learning Hindi.

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