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  5. "That fish is small."

"That fish is small."

Translation:Ta ryba je malá.

October 23, 2017



When do I use rybu vs ryba?


Rybu is the accusative case used for direct objects.


I translated this with an altered word order, namely, ta ryba malá je and was told my solution was incorrect. I would think that not only is my solution correct since Czech, like most other highly inflected languages, has a pretty free word order (which can be used to create emphasis), but also it should be encouraged since one of the things English speakers will have difficulty with when learning any highly inflected language is varying word order to avoid monotony and create emphasis.


It puts a strong stress on "je", which is weird.

I still agree that it should be accepted though.


The english speakers maybe get confused because for us the word "The" can be use in lot of ways but seems that doesnt work in Czech or that is Duolingo trying to teach me. But so difficult to know when I have to use one of them.

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