"Do you want black tea?"

Translation:Chcete černý čaj?

October 23, 2017

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I don't understand why "Daš si černou kávu?" isn't accepted as a correct answer. As far as I understood from my Czech teacher and friends, they do not use "chtít" when asking about food or drink.


I believe it is common to use "chtěl bych" = "I would like" when talking about food & drink. Maybe your teacher meant only that it is more polite to say "would like" than to say "want".


I now see it was tea not coffee, so that could have been why the answer wasn't accepted :D. "Daš si černý čaj?" would have probably been accepted.


"Dáš/dáte si černý čaj?" is definitely a very natural way of asking someone "Would you like black tea?", when you refer to actually drinking a cup. On the other hand, "Chceš/chcete černý čaj?" is a better question when someone wants to give/sell a pack of black tea leaves/bags.


I would translate your sentence as "Are you having tea?"


I would as well. This is not a phrase book, you should learn how to compose sentences and translate them quite closely. In facet the question may be asked in a shop, not just in a restaurant.

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