"Give the child one ball."

Translation:아이에게 공 한 개를 주십시오.

October 23, 2017

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Why is it 한 and not 한나?


number/ 하나 one 둘 two

공 한 개 one ball 자동차 한 대 one car 배 한 척 one ship

한개 두개 세개 네개 다섯개 여섯개 일곱개 여덟개 아홉개 열개

하나 둘 셋 넷 다섯 여섯 일곱 여덟 아홉 열


Whenever you use a classifier, you got to change the spelling of han na to han for one, dul to du for two, set to see for three, net to ne for four and seu mul to seu mu for twenty. That is the final consonants are omitted for these five numbers.

In summary the numbers 1,2,3,4 and twenty spelling changes whenever they are use with a classifier. The rest of the numbers remain the same.


공 한 개를 아이에게 주십시오


Why 개를 and not just 개


Notes say that it is possible to put number + noun although it's less common. But then shouldn't 아이에게 한 공 주십시오 be accepted?

Also can we say 주세요 // 줘요 for a more casual sentence?


Why do we need to use 개를 here instead of 개? Wouldn't 개 suffice because the numeral is 한?


You can use both, but 개를 sounds a bit more formal because it didn't get the 를 out. This sentence used 주십시오, which is very formal, so it is just a bit better to use 개를. To use 개, it is better with 주세요, which is less formal than the 주십시오. But still, it's ok to use both and no one will tell you it's wrong in Korea


can you write it like this? 아이에게 한 공을 주십시오 i remember a child song that goes like 곰 세 마리가 한 집에 있어


You should be able to, there's a number of different orders you can use to count objects, I don't know them all, but there's probably one that involves the number coming before the noun.


아빠 곰 엄마 곰 애기 곰~


I think it means ball


Yes, it means ball.


It means "Ball" but it can also mean "Zero" Ball: -이 공이 그만큼 큽니다 (This ball is that big) Zero: -오,사,삼,이,일,공 (Five,four,three,two,one,zero)


why can it not be 아이에게 공 하나 개를 주십시오?


The word 하나 changes to 한 before a measure word. In this case, 개 is a measure word, so that you should use 한 and not 하나.


하나 is used for counting--such as one, two, three whereas the short form for one (한) is used for saying how many. Process can be found in the Duolingo Tips for this session. Accordingly, the correct application for this sentence is (곻 한 - one ball). The general format for the application is Noun + Number + Counter + Particle as noted by the solution.


Is it okay to put 한 공 개를 instead of 공 한 개를???


No, because the order is fixed. Object+ mount + measure word


whats the difference between 공 하나 개 and 공 한 개???


The word 하나 changes to 한 before a measure word. In this case, 개 is a measure word, so that you should use 한 and not 하나.


Why is 하나 주세요 wrong? I use it every day at Starbucks. Have I been saying it incorrectly for the past three years?


If there was more than one object in a sentence, do they both take 를?


What is the work of geareur in this sentence?


공 하나 주세요 도 됨 ㅋ


Why isn't 한 공 accepted? Under what circumstances can the other word orders be allowed? (Number+Noun, Number+Counter+의+Noun, Noun+Number)


I typed 아이에게 공 하나를 주세요 and it is marked correct. How??


Whe I saw this sentence for the first time i knew the meaning but I was so confused about why there was "dog" in the sentence

아이에게 공 한 개를 주십시오

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