"Vidíte dům jejích rodičů?"

Translation:Can you see her parents' house?

October 23, 2017

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Ha! I thought it meant 'Can you see their parents' house?' :-)


"their" is jejich with a short i


I wrote "Do you see her parents' house?" Duolingo suggested I had a typo and got rid of the apostrophe. As I sort of got the answer right it wouldn't let me report the answer for being incorrect. As demonstrated above the apostrophe is needed...


There is a technical problem in Duolingo about trailing apostrophes.


So, how do you say in Czech: 1) can you see her parents' house? 2) can you see his parents' house? 3) can you see their parents' house?


jejích, jeho, jejich


It seems that i'm not able to differentiate between questions and statements. Wouldn't it be possible to "mark" a query? Thanks in advance


In a translation exercise, you know it's a question thanks to the question mark at the end.

In a "type what you hear" exercise, you can enter "Vidíte dům jejích rodičů." as a statement - Duo doesn't care if you type a question mark at the end or not. The text-to-speech unfortunately mis-intones questions. In the real life, you'd hear a clear rise in the voice at the end.


I too thought it says "their" (jejich) while listening to the question at normal speed. In slow speed, no dispute that it is "her" (jejích). It definitely takes the ear time to become fine-tuned when learning certain things in a foreign language.

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