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MASTER SKILL not working in app

I’ve built up my gems past 200 in the app twice but when I try to choose MASTER SKILL it gives me a “cannot reach Duolingo try later” message yet still deducts the 200 gems required. I do not see an email to contact them about the issue directly.

October 23, 2017



I've repaired your gems for you. :) Please let me know if you have any further issues.


I too am having this issue. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24972152 . Perhaps you can help me, too. I've lost about 1000 to 1400 gems so far. I keep going back, because I want to "try again later", but this issue persists. I find the Master Skill function very handy.


Hi kaeladedah. I wish that you could repair my gems. I lost at least 1600 (tried to master skill 8 times before I noticed I was losing 200 gems each time) with the same issue on iOS 11.0.3 on an iPhone 8. I tried to send feedback several times but this did not seem to reach anyone who offered me any advice or help. I've been using the desktop browser based interface for a few days now and was hoping to be able to find a master skill option there, but apparently master skill is only available on iOS.

If I purchased Duolingo Plus would I lose my golden status on each lesson as quickly? I tend to practice lessons on my own and having Duolingo make the decision about when it is time for me to refresh my golden status takes me away from learning new lessons.

Further question: is there a way for me (or an admin) to see my gem and lingot history?


@kaeladedah et al. Master Skill is working again and since the only update came from Apple with 11.1 that must have fixed whatever was causing the communication gap. It would sure be handy to have all of those gems (around 1600) that I lost back so that I could use them to Master Skills...


The same thing happened to me twice. I already sent a report. Glad to hear you are working hard!


I also recently lost 200 gems and have submitted a bug report


What is this ‘Master Skill’ you mention? Is it only available on the Android App or is it on the iOS app as well?


It’s something that is only in the iOS app, when you enter a skill that you have already passed but need to make gold again, you have on the lower centre of the screen an image with your progress in bars (like outside in the tree) and a text that says “Master skill”.

If you click, you have the chance to pass that skill and have it gold for a month. But you have to pay 200 gems, and with the glitches the iOS app is having, it takes the 200 gems but it doesn’t let you access. (I know because something similar as to what op describes happened to me a few days ago, but then I thought it was my tablet)


Where is the difference to strengthen a skill (the normal thing)?

That it stays longer gold? You have to pay gems?
That the sentences are longer, there is more difficulty, that you have to use hearts (not health) like a skill test-out?


you have to go to Duolingo Help in google.It will tell you some things about what to do.

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