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How to use lingots

I am accumulating a lot of lingots. There is nothing in the lingot store to use them on. I used them at one time to take the tests, but since that has been removed. Does anyone know if the tests will return, or if there is something being planned in the future to use them on? I don't see the point of having them if they cannot be used for anything.

October 23, 2017



I don't think tests will return anytime soon. Honestly, I kinda just let lingots accumulate at this point, maybe buying a streak freeze here and there.


I spend my lingots by giving them to people at discussions. Or I use them for streak freeze.


This is true. It's good giving lingots to people who really need them.


Well, I don't specially give it to people who are in need of lingots, but people who write good discussions or good comments, or people who really like duolino, or people with big day streaks or amount of lingots, fluency or their level.

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I just look on their accumulation as another challenge, so I have four targets to increase, streak, XP, lingots and fluency. I know fluency is meaningless but so long as I see it increasing I know I am putting in effort, if it decreases it means I've had a lazy day.


Fluency is not meaningless and it is a good idea to improve it. The higher your skills' strength bars are, the more likely you are to be able to speak fluently and well in the language.

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