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How is the German?

One of the languages I have always wanted to know is German. One of my favorite German memories is when I went to one of Walt Disney World's restaurants at Epcot, the restaurant was called Bier Garden. It is one of my favorite restaurants in the U.S. . And I just wanted to know as a fan of German, how was the German course?

October 23, 2017



I think it is the second longest course - second only to Norwegian. I like it. The audio seems very clear especially compared to the french one.


The course is quite good in my opinion. You will definitely want to supplement the grammar with some research of your own as it can be a bit confusing as you go deeper into the lessons otherwise, but the course gives a solid foundation of vocabulary and has a lot of lessons. I moved to Austria this year and used duolingo as my push-point for the german language. I was able to pass my A2 german test afterwards (with a bit of self-study) and I feel pretty good in German for someone who only started looking at the language for the first time about 8 months ago. Very glad I did it and if the language interests you it should be an enjoyable experience. Viel Gl├╝ck!


Hi Christina, from which country did you move from (to Austria). Looking to do the same soon, from South Africa :-)


Quite ok. What I do not like is that when you start your progress is very quick (to motivate you) but when you are more advanced it is nearly impossible to keep up as your skills fade away quicker than you learn - at least according he program because when I do the test I still remember. Anyway it is nice way to learn.




If you've always wanted to learn German, just do it. It's been my experience that if I want something badly enough, I'll get it and overcome all obstacles. And we're all here to help each other. Go for it!

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