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  5. "Unsere Kleider"

"Unsere Kleider"

Translation:Our dresses

October 23, 2017



First time through the lesson I typed " Our Clothes". It said "Wrong, 'Our Clothing'" - at the end of the lesson, when it asks again, I typed that and it said "Wrong, 'Our Clothes'" WTF DuoLingo?


i dont really understand i thought Unsere meant something else? i know Kleider means dresses but im confused


"Unser" only ever means "our". The -e is added because Kleider is in the nominative plural.


The r in kleider is silent? If so is there a rule for silent Rs?


The r in kleider is silent?

No. It "colours" the vowel turning it from -e [ə] to -er [ɐ] -- it's still a centralised vowel, but a lower one, closer to an "a" sound as if it were Kleida.


Can't believe this still has not been corrected since it was reported at least 8 months ago. Our clothing....is correct


This sentence "belongs" to the Pearson editors. I'm not sure whether they pay attention to reports.



Difference between kleider and kleidung??


Neither of those are German words, but I'm guessing you're asking about Kleider and Kleidung (capitalised).

The difference is about the same as between "clothes" and "clothing" -- i.e., they mean more or less the same, but Kleider (clothes) is grammatically plural while Kleidung (clothing) is grammatically singular.

Further, in German, Kleider can also specifically mean "dresses" as well as generically "clothes".

Like English "clothes", Kleider doesn't have a singular -- you can't talk about "one clothe" or ein Kleid in the sense of "one article of clothing". (ein Kleid can only mean "one dress".)

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