"We are writing a book now."

Translation:Píšeme teď knihu.

October 23, 2017

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What is wrong wirh teď knihu píšeme?


That is very strange. As always, keep the SVO order, unless you have a good specific reason not to. Placing the verb final changes the meaning of the sentence and makes the verb the new infomation given by the sentence. Like if you want to say that we are WRITING it instead of ... of what? Drawing it, reading it, ...?


Sorry, this was probably mentioned before but I've only just found the tips, what's SVO order?

Could you say that this example could be "WE are writing it now" as opposed to someone else? Or would you need "my" at the end for that?

Thank you for all your help, I'd have needed the tips sooner if it weren't for your comments!


I can answer your first question, but will leave the second to the native Czech speakers. :-) "SVO" refers to Subject-Verb-Object, which we can think of as the "default" word order in English (and many other languages).


Knihu píšeme teď . Not correct. But I wanted emphasize that it is about a book and especially that we are doing it now!


We do accept a very similar wording already. I will add this one, but please do use "My answer should have been accepted" next time as well.


Now je nutné? Keď je priebehovy čas tak už ten vyjadruje to now, alebo sa mýlim?


No tak vyjadřuje, ale v překladech to slovo přeložte.

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