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I can never keep a streak no matter how hard I try...

I even have it for school, but on the weekends I lose my streak. What can I do to make sure I keep it? Could it be that I'm just not motivated? It's really not about the streak that matters to me... it's that I don't think I'm learning anything... =^_^=

October 23, 2017


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Maybe your thinking is all wrong. If you got more interesting things going on during the weekend, why worry about the streak at all?

I suggest that:

  1. You find out what motivates you during the week and make sure that you keep that up.
  2. Assuming that your goals are small (10XPs), I would not sweat about the weekends, unless you watch non-French TV programs and eat ice cream all weekend long!-).
  3. Assuming that you want to learn the language (rather than score lots of XPs, lingots, etc), try to find other means of expanding your French. You could read, translate, watch and/or listen to French material that is of interest to you!

HTH, Daniel


That is an impressive display of languages! I envy your determination!


hang in there. Learning is slow, and then it speeds up, and then it plateaus, and then it goes backwards, and then forwards, and then you surprise yourself with what you've learned...


I feel you. If you go to the Duolingo store then you will find streak freeze. But it only freezes your streak for one day. I wish there was a weekend streak freeze.


I wish there was a weekend streak freeze.

If you have Android, there is. It's called a Weekend Amulet IIRC.


Can confirm. Have bought it twice on Android.


Thanks So much Alenia05! =^_^=


There is a weekend freeze on the Android site. It's called an Amulet and it works for both Android and web site.

But I wouldn't worry about the streak. As long as you get back and keep learning that's the whole issue. This is a self-learning site so everyone has to find his own rhythm.


I don't think there's a Weekend Amulet for the website. I use the website; it's never there.


Thanks! Oops... I think I just gave it back... :-) :-P


here's a lingot for each of you :-)


Well, Shoot. I would have written some advise, (advise that might not have helped) But when I got don typing a whole long comment, I went up to read the post again. So I upvoted it, but then I lost my comment :( anyhow, I hope you keep your streak this time :D


OK. Sorry to bother. I was raised on a farm near Seymour, IA. Best to you!


Try to set your coach goal to 1XP in the web settings and practice on the web with "timed practice".

Try to answer 4-6 questions right. This will give you 4-6XP.
You will at least manage to correctly answer 1 questions = 1XP = streak saved.

Be careful on the mobile apps:
They overwrite the 1XP setting with 10XP!!! (the later versions, e.g on Android, also ask you raise the 1XP goal to at least 10XP after finishing a lesson)


Same problem for me, Unfortunately there is no way:( I hope duolingo could somehow fix this. I am really sorry though for you streak loss....


I lost my streak too. Sometimes learning can be slow. I'm learning Spanish,what are you learning? As for the learning problem just keep trying,I know you can do it!! Can I follow you?


Try to complete your goal on the weekends. Remember to use the reminders! Using a mobile device has helped me, since it seems more convenient than using a computer.


I have the same problem


Your pro pic is sooo cute.wish I had a cat


Thanks! I have another too! =^_^=


My only pet is my family dog.she is in my pro pic


I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you're making it a chore, you're not going to want to learn the language anymore. It's supposed to be fun and exciting. For me personally, I do like Duolingo, but if I only focused on Duolingo I would lose interest very fast. I DO keep a streak every single day, but not on Duolingo, it's through all the language practicing in general I do every day. You're focusing on the wrong thing. The more you think to yourself "I have to maintain my streak, I have to maintain my streak", the more you're going to look at Duolingo (and language learing on general) with disdain rather than excitment. If your streak on Duolingo isn't coming naturally, then don't worry about it. Use your own streak that YOU enjoy. It's YOUR language learning experience, nobody else's. Your streak (and your level) on Duolingo has nothing to do with how well you can speak a language. What matters is how you can function in that language in the real world.

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