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Japanese help: )

Hello! I'm currently learning Japanese. I'm not very good but I would like to help!

Anime to watch for Beginners: Pokemon Sun and Moon, Shirukuma Cafe, Digimon

Intermediate: Watch some Ghibli films like Kiki's Delivery Service and Ponyo- they are really good! Maybe some Naruto or Death Note- I've not watched either of these but my friends told me that they are quite good!

Harder: Choose some dramas- sorry I can't really help here. Maybe buy a manga copy in Japanese and English. You could read the English one first a few times then slowly read the Japanese one and highlight words you don't understand

Hope I helped! Sumichurin

October 23, 2017



Harder stuff could always be the Monogatari series, the characters in that speak faster than in other shows


I think that's a good proposal! If you have registered Amazon prime, you can watch a lot of anime for free in Amazon prime video (I'm not sure. I can see them but it might be because I'm Japanese and registered Amazon.co.jp, not .com), but Ghibli films are not ready. I think it's because its high price of copyright license...

Also, there are free anime movies subtitled in other languages on the Internet. It would be very helpful for most of you, but all of them, no exception, are uploaded ILLEGALLY .Of course you won't be arrested because it's illegal in Japanese law, but I strongly recommend you not to watch nor download them.

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