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Am I missing something?

I am a complete novice (other than watching anime in Japanese) and it seems that between lesson one and two Doulingo starts out with words in Japanese that I have no knowledge of. Lesson 1 also skips the symbol and word for 5 when teaching basic numbers.

Is there a tab I need to click to further my knowledge before continuing to lesson 2?

October 23, 2017



I found the same thing. I click on the hints a lot to learn those. And slowly they stick. Very slowly


Well the course IS in beta...


And I'm impressed with it, don't get me wrong. was going to "Rosetta Stone" it. they are saving me a fortune.


Thank you everyone for the information. Keep it coming and please look at my new post, heading "Chinese". I could use your help on understanding that also. I thin I will rely on this board a lot in the near future.


It'll be helpful to learn Hiragana and Katakana as soon as you can. Tofugu has great guides for both, and I was able to learn both within a week:

https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/learn-hiragana/ https://www.tofugu.com/japanese/learn-katakana/

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