Thank you

Merci, To duolingo, I received a 98 on my french exam, I am so happy, I am on level 12 in French on my other account.....But thank you sooo much could not have done it without this amazing website, Also I can write a letter in French to my french pen pal...

October 23, 2017


yes! I totes agree with you!! I would never have been able to get an A+ in my exam last Friday with out duolingo! and well done with your good marks in French!

Thanks, In my school, only 10 kids are in my French class and I am the only one who scored in the 90's the rest got below that....I usually help them with their work.

Haha that’s great! I hope to do my Russian and German GCSE! Молодец!

That's awesome! Duolingo is pretty great! Glad you scored so high! Congrats! :)

French is a beautiful language. Stay with it!

Hi Haley,

Congratulations! It's a really good thing that duo is a helping hand for you. But please don't forget it was your discipline and your work that made this good result possible. So be proud of your work :-)

regards Angel

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