Français weekly winner - IX (16.10.2017-22.10.2017)

This week the winner is the new member of the club, Eric James, who gained 2888XP. This is the new record of this club, beating the Gutierrez's record of 2839XP. Astonishing performance! The en-titre champion, Kevin Diego Gutierrez, placed the second with 2712XP. Bon travail! Until now, no one couldn't defend their title, but let's see if Eric James can do it!

Hall of Fame (number of trophies):
1. Kevin Diego Gutierrez - 3 (2839 XP)
2. Eric James - 1 (2888XP)
3. JoLynne Dougherty - 1 (1764XP)
4. joshua - 1 (1420XP)
5. munlu - 1 (886XP)
6. Antonia Campbell-Nelson - 1 (815XP)
7. Kevin Breaux - 1 (780XP)
Note: In the brackets is the highest XP the learner won.

List of prize for the next week:
1. First place: 15 gems.
2. Second place: 5 gems.

If you want to join in this club, check this link.

October 23, 2017


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