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  5. "우리는 은메달을 땄습니다."

"우리는 은메달을 땄습니다."

Translation:We won silver medals.

October 23, 2017



It is also quit common to use in th singular. How did our team do in the relay? We won the silver medal.


"We won the silver medal" is also accepted.


Verb 따다 has a bunch of other meanings, "to grab a fruit off a tree" among them. I kinda like how "earning a prize" and "picking a fruit" is the same word in Korean. There is some very slight poetic quality to it, something I cannot quit admiring in this language.


What is the difference between 따냈다 and 땄다 ?

Seen this in Korea press: "2011 상하이 대회(자유형 400m 금) 등에서 총 3개의 메달을 따냈다" roughly translated as She won three medals in the 2011 Shanghai tournament (400m freestyle).


Minor but "We won silver" w/o attaching medal is a common American phrase. I don't say "I won the gold medal" you can but I say "I won gold."


Am i able to add the plural marker ~들 to 은메달?


Yes, you can. But you may find quite often to emphasize plurality, Koreans tend to make use of adjectives like several, a few (몇 개); many (많은) etc. while keeping the noun 들-free.

Similarly, to emphasize singularity, "한" (one) is used.

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