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Losing my 106 day streak means I am out...

Just want to give some feedback. I just lost my 106 day streak, although I thought I had the weekend freeze? Anyway, I am not interested in paying for the streak to come back, but have to admit after the loss of my streak, I have lost interest. I am sure there are others like me and I wonder if that is the best way to maintain your user pool?

October 23, 2017



Lost interest in Duolingo or learning French? If French, are you learning it just for the streak? I don't mean that in a rude way. I know how demotivating it is to lose a high streak. It keeps one wanting to come back everyday and do more. But, don't give up French just because you lost a number. If it's Duolingo you have lost interest in, give it another chance, if you're willing. This site is much more than a streak. But, in the end it's your choice ^ ^.

I wish you luck in your studies!


I've lost a couple of big streaks. One was 189 days and the other around 420 days. It was depressing at first but I really love Spanish and French (and if I had time I'd learn Czech and Korean as well).

Maybe you just need to take a break and come back later. With me, I missed the languages too much. I found I couldn't stay away!


You had an 106 day streak yet you're only on Level Four in one language?


They could have reset the language or earnt 1XP per day?


well he could have just repeated the basics and gotten a streak every day


He would have still gained XP though


The streak freeze only freezes your streak for one day.


They are probably referring to the Weekend Amulet.


You may be interested to have a look at this thread (and my tips):

"I can never keep a streak no matter how hard I try": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24935315


Wow - that is really sad. If your only motivation is a "number" then why are you bothering at all?


My friend lost his streak and it took him a whole week to force himself to get back to it.

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