"Žofie pochopila, že musí víc studovat."

Translation:Žofie understood that she must study more.

October 23, 2017

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Isn't "... that HE must ..." also correct? (For example, she understands that her boyfriend is ignoring her because he must study more.)

In order for 'he" to be correct in the English, must I insert "on" into the Czech, in order to make the change from "Zofie" clear?


Yes, that is correct. This could be an alternative meaning, that could come out when the sentence would be used in context. In that case I imagine a sort of objection would be used as well, like "No, Žofie pochopila,..."


I think "Žofie understood, that she needs to study more." should be accepted as well.


I agree, except without the comma.


Musí is not in past tense. Are we staying that if the first verb is past tense, then other verbs should be interpreted as past tense? If so, how would you express "... understood ... has to" instead of "... understood ... had to" in Czech?


I wrote: Zofie understood that she had to study more- was rejected. This isn't correct?


Is the infinitive of perfect.? verb "pochopila" pochopàt? thanks


Thank you ! It did not exist in both my dictionaries

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