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  5. "He keeps the farm."

"He keeps the farm."

Translation:Ele mantém a fazenda.

March 14, 2013



Lukily it's conjugation very much looks like "ter" ;)


"farm" would be "quinta" in europian portuguese, right?


But we dont use that in portuguese. We use quinta as fifth (feminine) or thursday. They 're teaching portuguese from Brazil. Sometimes there are a few differences.


Yes, I understand. It's just that I'm learning a european version and wanted to try out duolingo. I have to convert the sentences to european pronounciation in my mind now when I'm here)


Ok...i see.... but most of time they seem similar, just different pronunciation, some spelling, words, and so on, like british/american english, but nothing you cant go through.... learning on duolingo will be helpful... :)


The funniest one is cachorro for dog, in PT that is a hotdog and cão is dog.


Why nor "guarda" for keeps?


That is accepted as of February 23rd 2015.


I tried "ele guarda a fazenda" today, but didn't work. Duolingo gave "ele cuida da fazenda" as right answer.


"guardar" is mainly used to mean "to put away". Event though it is also correct (since one of the meanings of guardar is "Vigiar com o intuito de defender e proteger; preservar" [Michalis dictionary]), you can use other verbs.


I made a different mistake (mixed up manter and fazer, ooops...), but the system told me the answer was "Ele cuida da fazenda," which means "he takes care of the farm." That's another sense of "to keep," but it strike me as odd at this stage, since "cuidar" has never been introduced.


Cuidar is a valid choice as well.

Manter - to keep or to maintain (as in maintenance)

Cuidar - to take care of, to look after (as in maintenance)

The English sentence, depending on context, could mean either, he keeps the farm in order or he maintains possession of the farm.

I think Duo has chosen the first option.

If the sentence has the meaning of retaining ownership a better translation would be-

Ele fica com a fazenda

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