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Duolingo not fun anymore

I am currently thinking about quiting Duolingo. It's simply not fun anymore. There is nothing good to buy with lingots, you can't message people on their profile, Duolingo got rid of the progress button. Please comment below if you think Duolingo is not fun anymore, and what Duolingo could do to make learning a new language more fun.

October 23, 2017



Here's me thinking that learning the language was its own reward.

I guess I've been doing it wrong for the last few years.


What? You're on Duolingo to learn a language. Everything else is just distracting from learning. Learning a language is fun by itself.


For you maybe. I agree that learning a language is fun by itself, but sometimes you might want to do something else than just learning a language.


Well, do it somewhere else. :-)


I agree, to an extent. Streams are distracting, yes, if you use it for distracting purposes like idle chat. Though, I have used it to ask questions relating to French with people who I became friends with and have discussed French culture with people through it, too. I felt more comfortable asking them than going into the discussions. However, streams are distracting if you allow it to become like Facebook where you talk about unrelated things. There are other social programs for that.


Learning the language is fun! But I'm a kid so just sitting down and learning the language can be not fun. And the ways Duo is trying to make it fun is just not helping. That's the whole reason I posted this.


I made a topic with the suggestion of adding the ability to buy stickers with lingots. But I doubt the admin will ever see it.

Duolingo is fun for me. I enjoy keeping up my streak and trying to have a higher XP than the people I am following. And it's fun just to learn in general and see the progress I am made. But everyone is different. If you no longer find Duolingo fun, perhaps it is time to move on to another website that fits your learning style better.


I bet if we're enough asking about new features they would consider them. Your suggestion is interesting I like it.


In all honesty, I think both sides are missing the point. The claim here is that Duolingo is becoming less of a game (the point of this site) and more like any other language learning site because certain features, like the activity stream, immersion (not what the OP included, but it's another feature that was removed) and the progress button (which I'm not familiar with), have been removed and other features lack purpose in their eyes, like lingots. The "more like any other language learning site" part is a stretch because the OP did not explicitly say that; it is just an assumption based on my prior knowledge of this discussed topic. Assumingly, the OP does not find Duolingo unique and enjoying; it's appeal that lured so many people in the first place has diminished, in their opinion. Therefore, in this sense, the site is "less" fun. Despite my belief that Duolingo is fine without things like the streams, I believe how people perceive "fun" while learning is very subjective.

Some people find learning enjoying only if it is turned into a game in which they can be very much engaged in, and thus, more motivated. This engagement can often extend towards other people. That is understandable. However, as the majority in the section probably thinks, some people find learning fun in its traditional way. They don't need to turn learning into a game to enjoy it or engage in it, but they also don't mind the game aspect to it. So, for those in this comment section who are saying, "learning is fun on its own", you are making a statement based on how you perceive the "enjoyment" of learning and are completely disregarding how the OP likes to learn.

I agree, learning can be fun just by learning and nothing else, but not everyone is like that. Some need to feel competitive or use strategies to enhance learning. Some are just by the books.

Although, it must not be forgotten that while Duolingo is a gamified, somewhat social site, it is a language learning site, in the end. If you came here to learn a language, you ("you" as in just general people) will have to learn how to enjoy learning a language. If Duolingo is "less fun", then find another site or strategy to make learning more enjoying. If learning a language is not fun in general, then don't force yourself to learn them. I'm sure that wasn't the point of the post, but I'm throwing that out there, too.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I just thought some clarifications needed to be made by seeing the replies here. ^ ^

Edit: Well, I think the OP isn't really talking about games than the social aspects of Duolingo, along with other things. But, the point still stands that the person is arguing over the "fun-ness" level of the site diminishing, based on how they prefer learning.


it must not be forgotten that while Duolingo is a gamified, somewhat social site, it is a language learning site, in the end.

According to the original NSF grant for Duolingo, in the end it is an experiment to test distributed human computation; language learning is a side effect of its primary goal.


I see. That is quite interesting to know.


Except that Duolingo has since given up on some of the functions in question (like translation). Duolingo's original purpose may now not be strictly relevant.


I think that they should consider upgrading the store and including powerups or mini games to spend lingots on. Maybe a guess the word game. One has to spend lingots to buy vowels, etc. There are so many possibilities.


Duolingo is one of the best websites ever, and while I was not too pleased with the removal of Activity, it was LITERALLY a choice between duolingo or activity and staff chose duolingo. Heck, it's not worth it to quit learning a language just because a feature was removed and because lingots are almost worthless. You are missing the entire point of duolingo.


Messaging people would be nice and make things perhaps more encouraging. But I say make a game of learning: try to set a record for how much you can learn in a day, then next day try to beat that record! Make your own fun!


Sometimes when I'm having trouble staying motivated on DuoLingo, I give it few days break and go to one of my other learning resources. Memrise has courses that blend very well into the DuoLingo progression, and depending on the language you're learning there are a number of other free internet resources that might help you develop your understanding. For instance, once I finished my Spanish tree, I realized I still don't have a great grasp on grammar so I read through Spanish411 lessons, watch videos on Rockalingua (for kids I know, but the songs are adorable), google articles that helped explain the different sets of pronouns and tenses, I also make use of my local library and rent out intro books... After branching out on my own I get a bit of an ego boost when I go back and review on DuoLingo and make fewer errors. It's also nice to just use it as a review if you branch out on your own for continued learning, since then you don't have to create a practice for yourself.

If that's still not buttering your biscuit, perhaps a new tree is in order? If you're not ready to full commit to another language, perhaps one you can work on slowly as a palate cleanser?


I feel the same

they should get more things for the lingot store and they should give lingots for a certain level of XP or XP doesn't mean anything.


? You level up based solely on xp and you do get lingots for leveling up. That said, xp doesn't have to mean anything beyond "You have done X amount of work."


What "Progress button"?

Chatting: Try http://hellolingo.com


Thank you for the link!


Its hard to teach between FB and Social trolling. But I also think the Lingots are wasted.


These are serious questions. I think that you should leave if you want to. I have considered this many times. For many reasons. But I've decided to go on. But no matter how many comments that come, or the amount of suggestions that come. It is not us to make the decision but you. There are things that must be improved. I think that if you need to leave then go. If you ever want to come back there's nothing stopping you. It is time! Time to have personal messaging between friends on Duolingo. It is time! Time to make lingots more useful. But it also may be time! for you to go. It's a decision only you can make.


I don't know it's weird, because I find learning a language very fun, every day I try to learn more. But for some reason Duolingo gets boring to me pretty fast. The "seriousness of learning" to "fun" ratio just feels...very off in some way. The speed at which I am learning and how much I retain from Duolingo is not efficient enough for the amount of fun that Duolingo offers. I mean let's be real here: if Duolingo was a 30 hour RPG, it doesn't even have to teach me that much and I would still have a blast. On the other hand, even the most boring sites are interesting to me if the content is efficient because I love learning languages. Everything about Duolingo seems like it should be fun for me, and it is, but only in very small doses. I can't remember the last time my streak went past 3, if that, but I practice languages every single day. For a free site, it's pretty damn amazing what the Duo team has done, and I am in no way complaining, in fact I am very appreciative of it all. I am just sharing my thoughts and what Duolingo does for me. This is why I am really excited for Stories in other languages, because I think those will be awesome.

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