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I've just finished my French tree, and am only 69% fluent. Is there more to the site I'm not seeing?

October 23, 2017



You won't reach 100% because Duolingo by design won't go past certain thresholds depending on the language. For French, 69% is probably the highest. It's possible your fluency will fall as you complete the course which is when you reach level 25; for that, one needs to finish 30,000 EXPs. When you reach level 20 you will have reached 1/2 of the course (15,000 EXPs). .


69%?!?! I've been on here for two years and I'm only at 65%. Apparently I've got some more learning to do... ;)


Fluency has nothing to do with how much of the tree you have completed. it is often increased by practicing weak skills and having a lot of gold skills


Congratulations!! 69 is great, but it only means that the tree's words are fresh in your memory, it does not mean that you can speak 69% French.


To add to that, what is the highest level once can reach for French in Duolingo...?

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I've been on the site studying French for three years, and I still only consider myself an advanced beginner at best. There simply are not enough vocabulary and grammar drills to move to a more advanced level of understanding, speaking and writing. Reaching 100% involves speaking with other French speakers, taking more advanced classes that discuss grammar points such as future in more depth. I suppliment my Duolingo studies with attending a group of French speaking friends once a week, listening to French music, watching some French television and videos, and reading some French magazines and books. Supplement your Duo studies, and enjoy it as you work...your understanding and fluency will improve with patience. Bonne chance !

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