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  5. "나는 미국에서 왔어."

"나는 미국에서 왔어."

Translation:I am from America.

October 23, 2017



why can't I say "I am from the United States"


It is more correct than calling it America for sure


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How about "I came from America" ??


I'm not sure if a native will understand it the way you are meaning it (I'm not native), but as a literal translation, it seems correct too, indeed.

However, note that this structure seems to be used most often as an answer to this question:

어디에서 왔어요? Where are you from? (like in, which country are you from?)


As a native I can say that they will understand


Again, it is completely contextual. It should still be accepted in my opinion


That makes it sound like you're on a trip around the world, you've recently arrived in whatever country you're now in, and before that you were in America, whether that's your home or not.

For instance: I'm from Australia and I'm currently in Korea. I came from Japan. The ferry to Busan was very relaxing.


I am confused. What would be the correct way to say: "I came from America" (if you're actually travelling the world) in Korean?


That is literally what it means; maybe in real life you'd have to give some context. like when you left America, to make it clear you were just talking about one journey.


Must be present or contnious verb, is from.


I realised I am so stupid that i didnt know we can tap on the words...


"I came from America" should absolutely be correct. Come on Duolingo, please hurry up and add alternative translations.


When you click on 미국에서, it says United States. Yet "I am from United States" is incorrect


"I come from the United States" should be accepted, reported on Nov. 11, 2017.


It's past tense, so I really don't think so...


Please read the tips for this lesson. They go to the trouble of explaining how for some things the Korean will be in the past where the English will be in the present.


But that's what the meaning is, even when it's technically in past tense.


Even if the same general meaning comes across, you're not as accurately translating it. The whole point of this section of the course is past tense, so it's important to translate a past tense sentence in Korean to a past tense sentence in English.


No it is not. The whole point of this section is that which tense is appropriate for each language is not always the same. Please read the lesson tips.


Can this also mean: I just arrived in America


AMERICA is a continent. United states of America is a country so everyone who was born in a country of the american continent is american. Every American is american but not all american are American. Therefore translating 미국에서 as America is completely wrong In fact... America in korean is "amerika"

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