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Good free websites or apps that improve spanish listening comprehension.

I can express my ideas in Spanish but when I need to listen to somebody else, that is when I have my problems.

Does anybody know any good websites or apps where I can type what I heard the speaker say. I want the same thing as the Duolingo questions that play an audio and you have to type it out.

Thanks for your help.

October 23, 2017



Not exactly what you are looking for, but I find Coffee Break [...language...] to be quite good at honing listening skills. It’s a paid service, but the podcasts, available on the website or iTunes, are free and excellent. Spanish has 4 seasons. It’s not translation transcription, but structured lessons.

There are some paid websites, such as News in Slow [language] that are also decent but pricy.


You can listen to Youtubes w/ subtitles, and pause or replay to check your comprehension. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6LbtYUAg-M is an example

You can do the same on Alba. This is a fantastic site if you like literature. She has a beautiful reading voice, and a large selection of material. You could use it to take dictation if you like, pausing or replaying to catch up or check your work. http://albalearning.com/audiolibros/alba/

http://www.veintemundos.com/en/ is a great site both for learning the language and for becoming familiar with the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. If you are really motivated, there is a sudy session that goes along with each article, with usually 100+ vocabulary listings and a testing mechanism.

And of course there is always the Bible for both comprehension and spiritual enrichment. http://listen.bible.is/SPNBDA/Matt/1


Have you tried LingQ.com? I think it's a superb resource for learning many languages, including Spanish:


There's a wealth of audio texts read by native speakers. You can practice listening and reading and certainly use the text as a dictation exercise. ¡Suerte!

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