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J'ai atteint le niveau 25

I started my French tree about 18 months ago and it's been an amazing journey. Like most Canadians, I was forced to study French at a young age until first year high school. But I absolutely hated French. I found it really difficult and was happy to forget everything after my last exam, which was over 14 years ago. But after finishing my Spanish tree and a few months really studying the language using various sources, as well as having studied Japanese and Polish for some time, I took a stab at French again, a language I had given up hope on.

Now after 18 months, after finishing my entire French tree over 5 times, keeping it golden, practicing with pen pals through apps and Skype, watching countless number of Youtube videos, watching my favourite shows in French or at least with subtitle, I've gotten a fairly good grasp of the language and have tested at a B1 level.

I'm really thankful for Duoling as I learned more from this site/app alone in 1 month than 9 years of French in school. My goal is to one day speak about 15 languages and to be especially fluent in the 6 languages of the United Nation, English, French, Spanish, Chinese. Russian and Arabic. Without a doubt, Duo and this community has definitely been a big help towards my progress.

Je souhaite à tous bonne chance avec leur français. Si tu as la passion, tu peux apprendre n'importe quoi.

October 23, 2017



Tu post es muy inspirador, estoy aprendiendo francés e inglés y quisiera poder llegar a aprender esos idiomas también.

Gracias, te deseo lo mejor también.


Me alegro que mi post te haya inspirado


Merci, Keep going, wish you the best


You remind me of my French learning 20 years ago: one semester of study and not touch any french words again. And i forget almost everything either. to meet two business partners from France next month, i began my duolingo trip 45 days ago by choosing French class for English speakers. Now i am in 15 level and pass though all courses twice.

Videos on Youtube are good(like Chez Mimi, Bienvenue en France), others reading materials either. however i want to say much more. i hope i can find a pen pal or someone language exchange ones.

I am a native Chinese speaker. any specific advises on how i can speak/talk much in French.

Merci pour votre sujet. Je viens de Chine Beijing. voulez-vous parler la France avec moi? :)


I recommend you use the Speaky app. It's very easy to find language exchange partners. You just have to set what are your native languages and what languages you want to learn and indicate out 5 how fluent you are. It's better to practice with true natives.


Good job man!! one day i hope arrive in this level

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