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  5. "Jsou na novém nádraží?"

"Jsou na novém nádraží?"

Translation:Are they at the new station?

October 23, 2017



I thought nádraži always means "train station", while a regular (unspecified type) station is "stanice". So shouldn't this be translated as "Are they at the new train station?" [At least this should be accepted as alternate answer.]


Hi there! "Are they at the new train station" is actually accepted :) - not sure whether you tried, but I checked and it is :). "Nádraží" is often used for bus terminals as well, even though I do believe that the primary meaning has been connected to trains (na dráze = on the rails) and if you just say "nádraží", most people would probably think about a train station at first. I tried to look up the connection btwn nádraží and stanice, but it is not clear :) ... from what I have read, it seems that stanice is more from the point of you of the carrier/transport company, encompassing everything that is connected to transport at that particular place... whereas nádraží is more from the point of you of the passangers - it's where you go to get on a train :). Both differ significantly from "zastávka" - "stop" in English... same difference as btwn stop and station I would say...

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