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  5. "Jak velká jsou má jablka?"

"Jak velká jsou jablka?"

Translation:How big are my apples?

October 24, 2017



Is this supposed to be a euphemism?


Euphemism of what? It is about apples. If you see any dirty meaning in it, then you probably have a good imagination, but jablka does not normally mean anything dirty.


Uh-huh... and "Zofie has a big pear" doesn't either!


I can't speak about English.


I accidentally hit the up-vote button when I meant to hit reply, but I don't want to down-vote it as I don't think it's a bad response.

But yeah this made me chuckle too, as in English round fruit is sometimes used euphemistically to refer to breasts. Maybe if it was a normal sentence you might ask in other contexts it wouldn't make us think of that, but when you have actual apples, you usually know how big they are.

At least it doesn't say melons?


And when you have actual breasts you do not know how big they are or what?


you win today's prize!


I will have to up my game if prizes are now being awarded...

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