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  5. "Červených hrušek máte málo."

"Červených hrušek máte málo."

Translation:You have few red pears.

October 24, 2017



I wrote "You have a few red pears" and it was marked incorrect. How would you say this?


because "málo = few" and "a few = pár, několik"


I have the correct answer as " You have got few red pears", but máte means "to have" . I do not understand where the "got" is here. To me the correct answer should be "You have few red pears"


what you propose as the correct answer has been the main answer from the start. look at the heading of this discussion. you must have typed an incorrect answer with an extra word between "have" and "few". perhaps it was "a"? duo just served you the nearest acceptable answer.

this "nearest acceptable" correction behavior by duo is a giant waste of time. we are supposed to be teaching czech, not reconciling AmE and BrE varieties.

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