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Countries of the world in German

Hey everyone. I have a countries of the world in German card pack for 'tinycards'.

It is not the most important to know countries of the world. It's more just more learning and it probably won't add too much to your learning. But it could help if you wanted to learn some countries or deutsch geography

Countries of the world

Also here's some more packs that you might find interesting if you're interested in countries of the world

German professions


Shops and buildings (german)


Deutsche Essen


German Animals/Deutsche Tiere

Also another production not related to countries of the world is below

Not my production but interesting in learning about the world Capital cities of Europe

Also this production is not related to 'Countries of the world' but you might like it


Any questions posted or errors in any of the Tinycard packs except ones that I have not produced please post below ^^ cluney

I reposted this because someone started to advertise on my old one.

October 24, 2017
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