Practicing over and over same exercise, kept at 4/5 in professions in Hebrew. Not moving from level

Please tell me why I am not advancing in Hebrew although I have completed several branches and keep rehearsing. Today I get no points having done the same exercise about seven time, and finished it each time. Thanks

October 24, 2017

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If I understand correctly you are able to progress down the tree, but you just don't like that you keep practising the Professions skill and it won't go gold, correct? This is a Duolingo problem, not Hebrew-specific. I had the same problem with a Russian skill a couple of days ago. The fix is to redo every lesson within the skill one by one until the skill goes gold. For some reason certain words don't appear in the practices but they do appear in the lessons the first time you do them, so you can only strengthen them by redoing the lesson. It's an annoying bug.

October 24, 2017
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