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Need a little help with a translation please

Can someone please translate for me, this two sentences? もっとギュッと強くずっと把きしめてなにもいらないの - - 素画に干スしてほしい最の愛のよう - - It would help me so much

October 24, 2017



I think you took some mistakes. Did you use some OCR software? (and I guess it to be lyrics of AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST.) 把きしめて→抱きしめて,素画に→素直に,干ス→キス,最の愛のよう→最後の愛の夜 So, my translation is; Hold me more tightly all along, I don't need anything (except you) - - Please kiss me honestly in the last night of love.


Yeah, it seems i maked some mistakes, thank you for correcting me and for the translation!


I'm Japanese but I couldn't understand the second sentence.
I guess 素画に meant 素直に
干す meant キス.


You're right, i confused some of the kanjis, thank you for the correction!


here take a linget

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