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  5. "He is alive because of you."

"He is alive because of you."

Translation:El este viu datorită ție.

October 24, 2017



Why not: "El este viu din cauza ta"?


And why not: "El este viu grație ție" ?


Or "el este viu multumita tie" ? Ones more what is the difference between GRATIE DATORITA and MULTUMITA? because is confusing to think that all this means the same but DL insist for specific one each time different examples : Sunt viu multumita Monicaei - all other marked as wrong. But el este viu datirita tie - all other - wrong. Gratie tie eu am o slujba - the same. And I wonder why?


Because din cauză is only used in a negative context. The two expressions complement each other.


Thanks. But why 'ție' instead of 'ta'? Is it something to do with different uses of subject and object forms?


It is ție because datorită and six other prepositions require dativ. Here's a link to a page in German with those seven prepositions. https://www.grammatiken.de/rumaenische-grammatik-online-lernen/rumaenisch-praepositionen-dativ-datorit%C4%83-mul%C5%A3umit%C4%83-gra%C5%A3ie-potrivit.php?id=MK56955;nam=Korbel

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