Lost my streak?

Hi, yesterday I lost my 72 day German streak, but I'm sure I reached my goal (50exp per day), and as far as I can tell my weekly graph thinks so too. Any idea what happened, or did I just fall a few exp short? Thanks!

October 24, 2017


What does your graph say about the 21st (Saturday)? Based on your extended user data and calculated with UTC-4 I get the following totals, which suggests you missed that day?!? (And then there's the question whether you had a working streak freeze at that point)

  • 10-16 (Mon): 53XP
  • 10-17 (Tue): 52XP
  • 10-18 (Wed): 54XP
  • 10-19 (Thu): 53XP
  • 10-20 (Fri): 50XP
  • 10-22 (Sun): 55XP
  • 10-23 (Mon): 54XP
  • 10-24 (Tue): 55XP

Base on profile's data I can see, there is indeed no working activity between 2017/10/20 19:45:43 (UTC +2) and 2017/10/22 13:54:03 (UTC +2).
@ChrisTette2: Did you work on Saturday October 21th? If you did, was it on the website or on the app?

Folks periodically lose long streaks but I saw three of these posts within one or two hours' time. Since this was the first post, I'm going to leave it intact and point the others to this "master" discussion.

I advise filing a bug report:

Oh, man! That's not fun... Sorry about that!

I have been experiencing this, too. I can never get past a 5 day streak. It happened 2 consecutive instances now. The app even showed me that I was able to reach the 6th day streak. But when I opened the app today for my daily training, it shows that I lost my streak, and that I only had a practice once yesterday, and that I already trained about 20 minutes ago, which is impossible because I was sleeping for about 4 hours. Lost my wager twice because of this.

I knew I should have taken a screenshot.

Au SECOURS! My 335 day streak has disappeared! Just to be on the safe side I "bought" a freeze for the time it may take to fix this. I am really upset, as this happened a year ago as I neared 400 days. I know it sounds ridiculous, but as a somewhat tech-challenged 71 year-old language teacher pushed into retirement, I hang onto daily Duolingo as an important slice of life that's still mine! PLEASE help! Merci mille fois!!!

Hi MadameP,

most important part of my comment: if you want to reach staff to report them your issue, you'll need to fill that form. It's the only way to have a email actually send to them (and so to be almost sure they'll read the report). You can't be sure they'll read any message on forums (and, actually, they very likely don't see most of them).

Now, about your issue: which day did you lost it exactly?
Also, in what time-zone are you?

Thank you so much for responding! I'm in the Mountain Daylight Time (Utah, USA). Back to Mountain Standard next week. I was on yesterday and met my daily quota. Then this morning when I logged on I saw my streak count was gone. Re: your 'photo' -- I remember wearing a Je Suis Charlie tag in my classroom. After discussing with my students (high schoolers) what had happened, several of them chose to make and wear the tag, too! Your language studies are amazing! Again, thank you for responding! :-)

Hi MadameP ,

First thing first: did you filled the report form?

Now, according to your account, you didn't practice between 2017/10/29 13:23:46 (MDT) and 2017/10/31 18:28:29 (MDT).
Do you used Duolingo on a phone (or any other mobile device)?

In any case, the best thing for the future is that each day you not only meet your daily goal but also check (by going in the "Lingot Store") that you do have a "Streak Freeze" equipped and, if not, to Lingot-buy one.

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