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  5. "Nilikwisha pata zawadi"

"Nilikwisha pata zawadi"

Translation:I had already received a gift

October 24, 2017



-Kwisha 'finish' as an auxiliary, can be preceded by the anterior (perfect) marker -me and is followed by the infinitive form of another verb: Nimekwisha kupata (which developed into Nimeshapata) = 'I have finished getting' OR 'I have already gotten'. When -kwisha is preceded by the past tense marker -li the 'already' interpretation is not possible: Nilikwisha kupata (which developed into Nilishapata) = 'I finished getting' OR 'I had gotten'.


Thank you for the explanation of -kwisha, BwanaSimba. But why does the sentence use "pata" instead of "kupata"?


Mpiranya is his book "Swahili Grammar and Workbook" states that these three constructions can be used interchangeably:

'I have already seen':


Nimekwisha ona

Nimekwisha kuona

He also remarks that the first construction is the most common.


DL only approves of the American 'gotten': 'I had already got a gift' is not accepted. Reported.


I've always used 'pokea' in this sense of receiving, and 'pata' in the sense of finding or obtaining. But 'find' wasn't accepted here. Could anyone enlighten me?


And this one needs an article please ("a" or "the").

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