"Nilikwisha pata zawadi"

Translation:I had already received a gift

October 24, 2017



-Kwisha 'finish' as an auxiliary, can be preceded by the anterior (perfect) marker -me and is followed by the infinitive form of another verb: Nimekwisha kupata (which developed into Nimeshapata) = 'I have finished getting' OR 'I have already gotten'. When -kwisha is preceded by the past tense marker -li the 'already' interpretation is not possible: Nilikwisha kupata (which developed into Nilishapata) = 'I finished getting' OR 'I had gotten'.

October 24, 2017


And this one needs an article please ("a" or "the").

May 30, 2018


DL only approves of the American 'gotten': 'I had already got a gift' is not accepted. Reported.

February 10, 2019
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