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How do I send a friend a message on here.

We follow each other and and I remember in the past send messages back and forward but now, I do not see how you do it. I want to send my friend a load of Lingots. :)

October 24, 2017



You can no longer send people messages as the activity stream was removed and the only way to give them lingots would be through a discussion


I've heard they may be adding a feature some time down the road. idk


why did they remove it it is sooo unfair


The website got updated and it was not compatible. It was crashing everything. There were other reasons too. But, I'm not sure what they were. I could guess some of it was because of cyberbullying. But, I can't state that officially because it is just a strong hunch.


Because they say they want to add other features :/

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