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Lost four-year streak

I had a 1,590-day streak, but having just completed this morning's session, as I have done every day for the last four years or so, I got a message saying 'sorry you lost your wager' (regarding the seven day streak bet) and it reset my streak to zero. It's also zero without a tick, suggesting I haven't done anything today, even though I clearly have. And my progress graph still shows I have scored points every day for the last seven days. And I've also lost my unused streak freeze.

I've sent this to them as a bug report, do they respond to that? Is this a common thing?

October 24, 2017

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I hope you get your streak recovered.


I hope they do.

Have you tried connecting on a mobile device to see if it will offer you a streak repair?


I have no experience with this option myself, and whether it works on both iOS/Android, but Muzorewi's profile contains "is_available_for_repair":true so I would certainly try this! Looks promising!


Ouch... that is a big streak to lose =( I hope your email to Duo helps, but I must say most of the time people experience a streak loss it's because they lost their streak freeze without realising it (either missing a day or not reaching their goal), and a second time they lose their streak.

You mention there being a zero without a tick while you say you did score points today, but that's not that weird. The tick (and increase of streak) appears when you've reached your daily goal, not when you scored some points. In your case, your extended user data suggests to me (timezones can be a bit of a factor) you scored only 5 points today so far, thus not reaching your 10XP daily goal. Likewise, the 21st seems to be 9XP (thus loss of streak freeze), and the 23rd 8XP (thus loss of streak). As stated, timezones can be a bit of a factor and without knowing where you are I can't say for sure but it seems logical you lost your streak that way. Your graph should show you the amount of points you scored daily, and whether they were >10 daily. If not, then there's your answer


Terrible. I'm sure DL realizes the "value" users place on their Streaks and Lingots. However, the number of posts, like yours, indicates that either no-one is driving the program or something really big is coming. I'm hoping for some really big changes are in the works! Changes that make the concept of "Free Language Learning" better than all the copy cat programs out there.


I know it is not a conciliation...but enjoy this Lingot.


Folks periodically lose long streaks but I saw three of these posts within one or two hours' time. I'm therefore locking this discussion and I enocurage you all to comment on the original post in case there is a new bug or problem appearing, so that staff can see everything in one place.



I think that it is a common thing, because that has happened to me a lot.

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