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What is the difference between ALL THIS?? (they mean this/that but its different? when do we use it???)

October 24, 2017



Ce, cet, and cette all mean "this" or "that", but you wouldn't use these words on their own. They mean "this (noun)" or "that (noun)". Ce is used for male nouns that begin with a consonant. Cet is used for male nouns that begin with a vowel or the letter h. Cette is used for all female nouns.

Such as:

Ce livre - This book / That book

Cet homme - This man / That man

Cette femme - This woman / That woman

You will also see "ces", which is used for plural nouns.

Ces enfants - These children / Those children

Ceci and cela can stand on their own and often take the place of ce + noun, cet + noun, or cette + noun. You will also commonly see "ça" which also means "that", and is often used in place of cela. For example:

J'aime ce jeu. - I like this/that game.

J'aime ceci/cela/ça. - I like this/that.

J'aime cet ordinateur. - I like this/that computer.

J'ame ceci/cela/ça. - I like this/that.

J'aime cette voiture. - I like this/that car.

J'aime ceci/cela/ça. - I like this/that.

If you want to explicitly point out whether you're referring to "this" or "that", you can add a suffix to the end of a noun.

J'aime ce chapeau-ci. - I like this hat.

J'aime ce chapeau-là. - I like that hat.

J'aime cette chemise-ci. - I like this shirt.

J'aime cette chemise-là. - I like that shirt.


Really good answer! Merci beaucoup!

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