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Where is the microphone?

Hi guys! I haven't been on Duolingo for a while, but just logged back on and started to do some French and wanted to practice my speaking, but when I go into settings I can't find the button to turn the microphone back on. I have gone onto the "account" page but can only find the sound effects and speaker buttons to turn on, not the microphone like many other discussions say there is? Any help would be much appreciated :)

October 24, 2017



It really depends, is it on a phone, tablet, laptop, etc. I do it on the laptop and mine doesn't have it either. When I do it on the phone it works... I think it only works on phones... I hope this helps because I'm not sure it's right... =^_^=


Here's what my seettings looks like; is yours different?


I no longer have mike in settings either. For me, I don’t care much as I always found the voice recognition kind of poor. I’ve kept it turned off. But I have heard that Duo’s VR only works on Chrome, not iOS or Safari.


I have exactly the same problem in the French section. i was doing it every day until 2 days ago , did not change any settings but the microphone won't work. It doesn't change when you click on it-I think there is something wrong on the website but don't know how to alert them.


The microphone is either a device on the laptop/computer or is added on. You may not have one linked to your device you are currently using. You say you had the microphone before? Go to the device you were using when you could use the microphone.


That’s not the issue. It’s a Duolingo programming issue not a device issue. I have no issues with mike access (or solid VR) on any of my other programs, including Rocket Languages. The option for mike simply isn’t available for many of us any more in Settings.


The mic will only work if you are on Google Chrome... So if you are using Microsoft Edge as your browser, you will be able to turn it on, but the speaking exercises won't come up. :)


This is how my account's settings page appears to me:


Would it be possible to attach a screenshot for clearer evidence on what you're experiencing? Here are instructions on how to do so. Thanks!

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