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"Eating vegetables was necessary."

Translation:Il fallait manger des légumes.

October 24, 2017



so why not "manger des legumes etait necessaire"? This is what I answered..."Il fallait" is not given as an option for any of the words.


"Manger des légumes était nécessaire" is accepted.


Il était nécessaire de manger des légumes.

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mangez des legumes etait necessaire --> what's wrong with that sentence?


The verb's form is not right: "mangez" is 2nd person plural.

As the subject of a sentence, the verb has to be in infinitive: "manger"


Is there a rule about which constructions require "de" and which ones "a" with the following infinitive, and which ones nothing? Forgive my lack of accents in the flolowing examples: "il etait necessaire DE manger..." but "il n'ya rien A faire" but "il fallait _ manger". Or must each one be memorized separately? Thanks.


Why would "Mangeant des légumes" be inappropiate in this particular sentence?


Again twice called wrong. First DUO wanted ''me" before fallait. The second time i obediently put me before fallait. But DUO didn't want 'me' suddenly. How is that??


Why is it fallait and not faisait?


Verb "falloir" - "Il faut" (it is necessary); "il fallait" (it was necessary). Verb "faire" - "Il fait" (it makes/ the weather is...); "il faisait" (it made/ the weather was...).


Why is "Mangeant des légumes était nécessaire" unacceptable? It is possible to use the present participle in other verbs, why not manger?


This new system of being able to click on the words provided and not the keyboard is bordering on un-useable. Lesson after lesson the hints "provided" to not match the words underneath. Duo need to sort their system out. 909 days straight and I'm beginning to look around for other learning formats. It's getting ridiculous.


I feel the same way!

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