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Duolingo has been an inspiration to me to learn new languages! My family travels around internationally, playing and singing music... I used Rosetta Stone for a while, but it just got extremely boring, in a way. I couldn't really bring Rosetta Stone on the road with me. It was just too complicated. BUT!!! then, i found this amazing program called Duolingo! I thought for sure, there had to be a catch, but no! It is free! No catches!

Thank you, Duolingo, for providing a platform on which to learn the basics of several different languages. Thanks for inspiring me, and many others to learn...and enjoy learning at the same time .♥. ♥. ♥.

I would L O V E to learn you guys' journeys with Duolingo! Just comment below! ♥

October 24, 2017



I heard Duolingo from a friend who heard about it from another friend. Duolingo is definitely a great curriculum to use to learn a language, especially if you are busy a lot.


I actually ended up here thanks to a breakup. First it was a last grasp attempt at impressing the girl because she loves everything spanish... But aside from that I've always thought that if I ever try to learn another language (I'm hungarian), it would be spanish. So I've searched the interwebz for a free, effective way of learning spanish, and here I am! :) And I love it. The breakup still hurts, but these 5-30 minutes I spend here daily are the best bits of my days lately. :)


Oh, OK! sorry about your breakup...:( that's no fun at all. I am glad that Duolingo has been good for you, lately:)


It's the reason I get on my computer every single day I'm not entirely sure that's a good thing


if you are learning a language, it's definitely a good thing! :)


Wow, are you learning every language offered?? :D

But really, I agree. It's a great tool but sometimes I wander onto it when I should be doing homework etc... :)


It's a great reason to procrastinate :)


Yes, I guess it is, sometimes;)


no, i'm not. i have in the past, but it got to where i had so many languages, that i deleted some, and focused on one or two. Right now, i'm just focusing on Spanish! Oh, yeah, thats not good! just do it when you are supposed to;) wink


I grew up in southern New Mexico with a very diverse culture. A blend of Hispanic, American Indian, gringos like me, and military families from all over the states. I live in Texas now where it is still a benefit to know Spanish. I took a year of Spanish in college and really enjoyed it, but one year didn't yield any fluency at all - (of course). When I was home from college in the summer I worked at a sawmill where I was the minority. Many of my co-workers could not speak any English at all. It fascinated me how we became friends anyway. We would eat our lunch together and communicate with the few words I knew, and the few English words they know. Smiles, gestures and a lot of laughter.

It was cool to swap items in our lunches too. Most of those guys were not US citizens and their lunches were not made the same way I was used to. It was some amazing food. I wanted to hear their stories, and learn about their families, but we had the obstacle of language.

I was thrilled to discover duolingo and I'm grateful to the developers, moderators, designers, engineers and all the staff members who have created this tool and made it available to the world at not cost to the end user. That is truly an amazing thing. Sadly, I don't have the same opportunity to practice with native Spanish speakers now, but that's something I want to do. I want to study more and get enough confidence to join a Spanish speaking local group. Maybe a Spanish speaking business network or something.


Wow, that is truly an amazing journey, @Jerry_Shelton!!!

I am not sure if this is true or not, but I have heard several people say that Mexican Churches are popular in Texas. Where i live, I can get practice in by going to the mexican restaurant in town, and just simply chatting with the waiters and waitresses. I first tell them, "yo hablo un poco espanol." and they just laugh at me and tell me its all right.

I don't know what the atmosphere is like where you live... if there are mexican restaurants or churches, but it is definitely popular where i am from.

I went to Haiti this last January, and it was fascinating to me that they don't understand my language, and i don't understand theirs, but we can still be friends by just hand gestures, and stuff like that. It's so cool! My brother went to Mexico and lived there for 4 mos, so he speaks fluently in Spanish. I am able to talk with him!

I sincerely hope that you are able to find some people to talk with in Espanol, and pray that you find them fast;) Thank you SO much for sharing! ♥


Try www.hellolingo.com for chatting/writing or voice chat.
I also heard about www.hi5.com (have not tested it myself).

Many people suggest to take real online classes with teachers on www.italki.com and other portals.


I found a local group "language exchange Stammtisch" in my city and some near cities around on www.meetup.com




It has affected me when it comes to learning, because now I find it more fun


I was trying to learn Spanish but struggled to learn something every day.

With Duolingo I found it could be kind of fun instead of a tedious chore and although it's limited in what it teaches, it makes me practice every day and acts as a springboard to other types of learning.

It also makes it easy to have a taste of another language and see if you want to learn that too.

I doubt I'd now be learning three languages without it - especially Esperanto, and hope to get to a level next year, where I can go on and do a language degree.


OKAY! that's an awesome journey! i struggled to learn with the curriculum i used before, and then i found this. It's been an awesome experience.

I started out learning a TON of languages at the same time, and i figured out that i wasn't really learning anything, so i narrowed it down to one or two. its been very helpful!

wow - That's so cool! I've thought about a language degree as well.


It has opened me up to the world of languages and I wouldn't swap it for anything.


I love it because it is a fun learning experience and there are people there to help you.


I didn't plan on learning other languages until I found duolingo. I now live every day in fear of losing my meager streak.

I love it!


Hah! That's awesome! ;)


It made me get an A in an italian test at school. Mom gave me 3 euro and I went out to buy ice cream. In a indirect way, really good :b

[deactivated user]

    I felt awkward with French during my first year in school and I looked up "learn french free" to find a supplement. My grades and productivity shot up, that's for sure! o(≧▽≦)o

    I used it before going to Italy last summer and it really helped because no one else I went with knows any language besides English. (#><)

    But, yeah! Duolingo is really addictive for me and I love it to bits!ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ


    that is an a w e s o m e journey;)

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks! ❤


      You are very welcome;) ♥


      I've always been interested in learning languages, and before finding this I've tried to learn German, French, and Spanish with no success. My sister introduced me to this website, and now I am completely obsessed with it. I never knew how much I loved learning languages until recently. I just love it so much, and I love duolingo because it introduced me to it :)


      I've always loved learning, but always struggled with focus. Duolingo has opened up the world of languages to me, and i actually e n j o y it! which is crazy;)


      I absolutely love languages, especially Spanish, so I wanted a way to learn all the ones I wanted to. I am taking Spanish in school but I am going to Ecuador this winter so I wanted to take another course outside of class to make sure I have all my bases covered. I'm only three days in and I'm already loving the teaching style and totally addicted! I heart dualingo!


      Me too;) i originally got on here to see if there was a course on Haitian Creole, because me and my family travel back and forth from KY, to Haiti throughout the year, on little trips. i found out it wasn't available, and decided to try out Spanish, because my brother was on a 4 month trip to Mexico at the time, and i wanted to be able to talk to him in Spanish. i ♥ duolingo, as well;)


      That is so cool!


      Hi Mister_eX87! I thought I was the only Hungarian learning Spanish through English! My streak is 239 and I am around the 54-57% of fluency and I am happy with it. I love DL, but by now I also had to find other sources as well. But still, DL remained my basic love! Good luck with it, and learn for yourself and not for somebody else who didn't appreciate you!


      I think it's one of the reasons why I fell in love with language. It's amazing. ❤️


      I do it for school, and I want to learn German so I can live in Germany. German is the best language ever....No offense.


      haha! It's a free country! you can think german is the best if your heart so desires, i like it too;) Thats SOO cool that you want to live in Germany!


      I have learned so much in Spanish ( which I already knew it. I was born in Guatemala), Japanese, Irish, Some French, and doing terrible in Hebrew. It is the most amazing thing ever so, I lov eit. Here is 50 lingots. Thanks for the posts Lindsey.


      W O W !!! that's awesome;) Born in Guatemala... that's so cool!


      Actually I'm learning Norwegian here because I'm in love. And I want to learn Norwegian secretly at first and after a while I'm hoping to give him a surprise. And I love everything in Norway. I was thinking about learning Norwegian a while ago and I did some research on the books. And then I happened to found Duolingo on twitter and I found it's quite easy and fun to use and it's really a fantastic APP for brand new learners. ;)


      oh, girlie! that's awesome... i bet whoever that dude is, he's certainly going to be surprised;) you show him, K?!


      Awww...thank you for saying this!! This is SO encouraging!!! You just made my day! I WILL show him, for sure! ;) Have a great great day!


      Oh, girli, you are welcome! thanks;) YOU have a great great day!!!


      It helped me restart learning German, alongside classes, and over the last 6 months I've built up enough understanding to read books, watch films and have conversations in German. Over the next year I'm aiming to become fully fluent

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