"Askari wa Marekani ni wakali"

Translation:American police are strict

October 24, 2017

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Is "polisi" police or is "Askari" police?


Askari can kind of be both "police officer(s)" or "soldier(s)". I think there's a bit of a Kenya/Tanzania difference and probably also a lot of regional differences as to which whether it's commonly used and with which meaning. If you want to be unambiguous:

polisi = police officer (plural polisi)
mwanajeshi = soldier (plural wanajeshi)


Those terms are helpful because they give clarity. In Tz, "Askari" is commonly used to refer to guards, though "Mlinzi" is also a guard. I guess askari is general, and the other 3 terms are more specific?


90% of the time Marekani is translated USA and in this sentence it is: American, and so I got is wrong.


I think its because we would not say in English "USA soldiers are strict", we would say "American soldiers are strict' or "Soldiers from the USA are strict".

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