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Help me! I'm totally confused about Greek Grammar

Hey. I have been trying to learn Greek on and off for about 6 months, however, I have really slipped out of it because my French and Spanish became a priority and I began learning Arabic. I am so confused about the (Modern) Greek grammar and one of the reasons why I allowed it not to become a priority was because I was really having difficulties with it and I could not form sentences on my own or understand the grammar, however, I can read and write Greek. Does anybody know what I can do to understand the grammar or any websites that can explain the cases, verb conjugations etc? I really wish to get back into learning it again.

Thank you so much :)

October 24, 2017



The English Wikipedia article on Modern Greek grammar might be helpful.


Since you are already on Duo why don't you try the Greek course? It might be a bit weak for you since you already know Greek but you will have the whole Greek team at your fingertips. I assure you we will all be ready to answer any questions you have on the grammar or anything else about the language you need.

Trying the activities will give you an idea of where you need reinforcement.

To get you started here is a link with references. Most of the first one is the alphabet...which of course will be unnecessary for you...but following that are some of our tried and tested grammar links etc. There are also other forum links you might like.

There is even a link with passages to be translated and reviewed by the team with hints on grammar, vocab etc.

This is the basic link. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22040507

Here is a link to some of the grammar information, the translation texts etc.


So, give it a try. We look forward to your input.


Even if you don't understand the grammar, you can learn the Greek sentences in the Duolingo course by rote (i.e., just memorizing them w/o necessarily understanding them). This will be quite slow at first. But after a while, if you stick with it, it will become fairly easy.

So start at the beginning and do not go on to a new lesson until you can get through the current lesson without making any mistakes. Any time a lessons needs review, review it until you again make no mistakes.. Do the same (i.e., don't advance unless you have made no mistakes) with the exercises at the end of each skill and maybe even with the timed exercises (when you've bought timed exercises).

If you want to study the grammar, use this book to read about the various points of grammar. It is an old book and some things will be a bit out of date, but it should have what you need to know. The accent marks are old fashioned; don't worry about that; just try to do things the simple way that Duo does them.


I personally found that the Greek course provided by languagetransfer (link bellow) was very effective in making the grammar "click" for me. Listening to as much Greek as you can also really helps in making the creation of new sentences feel more natural.



Not sure if this is possible for you but spending some time in Greece would be a great way to improve really fast. Sorry I don't have any other suggestions- am literally just starting myself, but would be interested to hear of any recommendations too.


Here is my advice if you want to learn greek then do it whenever you can

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