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What is your most fluently foreign language ??

What is your most fluently foreign language ?? Just wanna know. I am curious. Thanks for answering !!!

October 24, 2017



^^ fluent, not fluently. Fluent is an adjective (modifies nouns), and fluently is an adverb (modifies verbs).



ASL (american-sign-language), besides English


Philip, best language ever!


Other than my native language (English), that would be 日本語 (Japanese)

[deactivated user]

    English is mine. :)


    English. It's kinda sad because Russian (aside from German) is my actual mother tongue and my mom speaks to me every day in it. And yet my English is like better by .. three times ? It's all because of Youtube and Transformice


    I'm in the same boat as you, but with Persian being my mother tongue.


    Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.


    Well, mine is Chinese. Here's the story:

    [Teachers are all Parents and Relatives] The first language I ever learned was Yue (Cantonese, if you like) . I was really young and could speak it. Then I learned how to speak Chinese, too. After that, I moved, and learned English. Now it is the language I am most fluent in. So, of course, Chinese and Cantonese follow close behind. Then there's French. LOL.


    Edit: Mandarin and Yue


    Excluding Persian and English: Chinese

    (My duolingo levels mean nothing)

    [deactivated user]

      English! =)

      Studied it from the 3rd to the 11th grade and have used it everyday ever since.


      Mandarin, but I like Irish more, and not only the Irish language, Irish stuff. It's great.


      I've been doing Latin for about 4 years now so I'd say that. I know almost all of the grammar (it can get pretty complicated at times) and my vocabulary is decent. I'm just starting to branch out and learn other languages, which has actually been a lot easier now that I know Latin.


      Now I feel like an idiot. I've been studying Latin for FIVE years, and my vocabulary and grammar knowledge is A1 at the most :'(


      English is my native, Spanish is my best foreign language, which is kind of sad since I'm only at A2 :I


      My most fluently foreign language is Spanish.


      Russian по русский


      Other than my native language (English) I'm OK at Spanish...


      English and German


      German is my best. But I’m only like A2/B1.


      Chinese. My mom's chinese, so she raised me speaking it.


      I wouldn't call it a foreign language, but outside of English I can communicate the most in American Sign Language. Though, with very many mistakes. I can read Spanish much easier than ASL though.


      But I'm at most A2/B1 in writing (online dictionaries are my best friends).
      My speaking skills are only sufficient for holidays. I still cannot understand the BBC news.
      However, I can understand the English with Scottish accent of Neil Oliver very well. Without subtitles!
      (Neil Oliver is one of the presenters of the BBC-2 program "Coast"


      Wow, really? I thought your English level was higher—I've seen you around on the Troubleshooting forums, and your English looks very good.


      It costs me a lot of time to get my English right. I always think and write in English, but then I copy and paste the text in reverso.net or google translate.
      There, I let translate my English text into Dutch. Now I can see my word errors and wrong word sequences. Then I correct it and copy-paste it back in the Duolingo comment.

      For me, this is the only method to be able to increase my English writing skills. But I love troubleshooting. So, this is a kind of personal game.


      Interesting method, and I see it's been working well for you. I'd have to try something like that myself. It certainly looks time-consuming, but well worth the effort.

      Also, reverso.net is great! I only realized just now that the website has a spell checker and a translator tool as well as a dictionary tool (which I use occasionally).


      I'd recommend you use a grammar checker extension for your browser, rather than automatic translation tools. You could try "Grammarly" for example.

      When you use automatic translation tools like Google Translate, you are adopting every malfunction of the program and turning it into broken knowledge. You're damaging yourself.


      Thanks for the tip.

      However, I never use google translate for translating from Dutch to English. I always write the English text by myself, and let it translate to Dutch in reverso.net or google translate.
      For my personal learning proces, it is very useful to see their silly translations to Dutch and to correct my own English text, by using the words and grammar I have learned in Duolingo and at school.
      A good working extension for my browser, would make me too lazy.


      It comes with tips and notes for every correction.

      ...and I knew what you meant.


      Spoken: English > Mapudungun. Written: English > Mapudungun. Understood: Catalan > Portuguese > English. (My native language is Spanish).


      It deffo has to be English. Next one’s probs either Italian or French (though my level of French here is higher I can manage way better in Italian IRL)


      Spanish. But if native languages don't count, then Russian. My Russian is still subpar, though—nothing spectacular.

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