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"The mice get down from the roof."

Translation:Les souris descendent du toit.

October 24, 2017



Why is it "descendre les escaliers" but "descendre du toit"?


Because it's "going down the stairs" and it's "going down from the roof." In other words, you're using the stairs to go from one location to another. You're not using the roof to go down from it. There's a difference between "descendre" and "descendre de."


Why "get down" and not "go down" ?

Get aurait une nuance en français (par rapport à go) => obtenir, acquérir...

Donc j'aurais traduit "get down" par laisser, abandonner, quitter....

Ou alors je me trompe complètement ?


My answer: Les souris descendent du le toit. Why should "le" be omitted.


The preposition du is de + le. You repeated the le.

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